BLACKPINK’s Lisa Picks The Singer She Looks Up To The Most—Here’s Why She’s A Fan

Do you recognize her?

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa may have a legion of fans who love her, but that isn’t to say that she isn’t a fan of someone herself. In an interview with Rolling Stone, she was asked, Are there any artists or colleagues who make you jealous?”

BLACKPINK’s Lisa | Rolling Stone

Instead of being envious of another singer’s talents, she has someone she looks up to. This is none other than Spanish soloist Rosalia, a GRAMMY award winning singer who is popular for singing songs such as “MALAMENTE,” “Con Altura” and “LA FAMA.”

What Lisa loves most about Rosalia is how she openly embraces her culture and reflects it in her music.

Not so much jealousy—Rosalía is so cool. She has her own Spanish culture, that’s inside her person, that influences her music.

— Lisa

Rosalia | @rosalia.vt/Instagram

She pointed out that Rosalia brings Spanish sounds and visuals into her work and so fans recognize her country immediately.

When you see her, you think, ‘Oh, she’s Spanish.’ And she uses her culture so well, making it into her own thing.

— Lisa

| New York Times

With Rosalia as her inspiration, Lisa tried her best to sprinkle in her own Thai culture into her solo debut track.

In [my 2021 solo single] ‘LALISA,’ I wanted to create a Thai atmosphere. I just want people to know I’m Thai.

— Lisa

| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

This was important to the BLACKPINK dancer since she realized throughout the years that a good number of her followers were unaware of her origins, believing her to be Korean and not Thai.

Some people don’t know: ‘Oh, she’s part of a girl group from Korea, so maybe she’s Korean.’ So I talked to our producer, Teddy, who put different Thai sounds into my music.

— Lisa

Rosalia and Lisa have made it publicly known that they are fans of each other. In an interview with Radio Disney, the former revealed that she loves Lisa.

I really like Lisa. I’m a fan of hers.

— Rosalia

On the other hand, Lisa once updated her Instagram Story to give a shoutout to Rosalia for her gift.

Source: Rolling Stone