BLACKPINK’s Lisa Can’t Help But Miss Rosé In The Most Random Times, And It’s The Cutest Thing Ever

We love their friendship!

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa recently released a new Lilifilm Official video and fans are loving it! She was filmed making tie-dyed sweaters for her fellow members, staff, and 50 golden ticket winners.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa | Lilifilm Official/YouTube

While immersed in her craft, she suddenly burst out how much she wished Rosé were with her.

I miss Rosie…

— Lisa

She added that the BLACKPINK main vocalist has a knack for DIY crafts and so she’d be the perfect partner.

Our Rosie is good at stuff like this.

— Lisa

Rosé is sometimes spotted doing arts and crafts sessions which she excels at. She once attended a pottery lesson with Jisoo and they showed off their natural talent!

It’s no surprise that Lisa missed her friend dearly. She and Rosé are close friends especially since they are both the youngest in the group. They were born months apart in 1997, making it easier to befriend each other as trainees.

As Lisa promoted her solo debut album, LALISA, alone, she did not have too many opportunities to work with her members. That didn’t stop her from mentioning them every chance she got!

Check out the full video below!

Source: YouTube