BLACKPINK’s Lisa & Rosé Had Opposite Experiences Picking Their Solo Debut Songs

They went about things in two very different ways.

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa just dropped her solo debut single album, and there’s no doubt that both songs—”LALISA” and “MONEY”—are perfect for her. Likewise, fellow member Rosé‘s solo debut songs from earlier this year (“On the Ground” and “Gone”) couldn’t have fit her better either. However, in a new interview, Lisa revealed that the pair had completely opposite experiences when it came to picking their tracks.

Back in April, Rosé opened up to Billboard about what it was like to go through the process of choosing her solo debut songs—and it didn’t come easily. Rosé says the team asked themselves, “What are we going to sing about? What is Rosie going to talk about for a good three minutes by herself?

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Rose went on to say that while “On the Ground” is about the balance between her work and personal life, other options like love songs and breakup songs were all on the table too and “would have all been great.” However, she says it took time to land on the concept and song that really “spoke” to her.

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Ultimately, once Rosé had the concept in mind that felt the most authentic to her, picking the song itself wasn’t hard. She revealed that as soon as she, the producers, the company, and the rest of the BLACKPINK members heard the demo for “On the Ground,” they instantly knew it was the right choice. The initial process, however, went on for a while.

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Lisa, on the other hand, revealed a very different experience to Billboard this week. Instead of spending a long time thinking up concepts, she ended up going with her gut the second she heard “MONEY.” Lisa says she told YG Entertainment producer Teddy, “Oh my God, Teddy-oppa, I have to do this song, I want this to be my solo song.”

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The same went for “LALISA,” though the early version she heard was later adapted to include her name in the hook. Pretending to hug her songs in the interview, Lisa confessed, “I was like, ‘Ugh, these have to be mine. I can’t give these to anyone else.”

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When Billboard reporter Nolan Feeney brought up how interesting it was that Rosé had “the opposite experience,” Lisa explained that she has a “fairly specific” sense when it comes to music. While Teddy played her a few other demos to consider for her solo debut, she responded to them all with “meh.” As soon as she heard “MONEY” and “LALISA” on the other hand, she knew they were meant for her.

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