BLACKPINK’s Lisa Organized A Sexy Dance Battle For “Youth With You 3” Trainees…And The Result Made Her Laugh

So cute!

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is the sole dance mentor of iQIYI‘s survival program, Youth With You 3. She’s tasked with correcting the trainee’s dance moves, commenting on their expressions, giving them advice, and more.

In the latest team battle episode, two groups with the same song competed to have the most on-site votes. One of them was “Stop Sugar” by Gen Neo. Knowing how it has hints of sexiness in it, Lisa paid close attention to their expressions and body language.

When the stage is done well, it has the power of attraction. They’re a little shy at practice, but it’s interesting.

— Lisa

She singled out the “least sexy” members of the two teams, JOJO and Zhou Zijie, and had them do a dance battle to boost their confidence.

As soon as JOJO made his first move, Lisa burst into laughter and shook her head, exclaiming, “No! No!”

Needless to say, their stiff dancing—but overflowing confidence—wasn’t what she expected!

Far from being sexy, they had a few accidents along the way that were not part of the plan.

Lisa couldn’t help but joke, “Oh my god. What did I just see? No!” while the other trainees enjoyed the show.

Even the rap mentor, Will Pan, had a short dance that Lisa found hilarious!

In the end, both groups gave a show-stopping performance that everyone loved. Lisa’s fun class was definitely helpful, with JOJO attributing her teaching to their improved image.

It’s quite sexy. Lisa taught us. She asked us to do a freestyle to show our sexy sides.


Check out the full video below!