BLACKPINK’s Lisa Will Throw Hands If Anyone Comes Close To Her Bangs

She will protect them at all costs.

Previously, BLACKPINK made a guest appearance on JTBC‘s Knowing Bros and had a fun time playing games with the cast.

During Lisa’s turn for answering her questions, she revealed that her bangs stay in place no matter how hard she dances or moves.

She even gives an example by shaking her head on the spot, only to have her bangs stay perfectly in place.

She reveals that the method she uses is to use hair spray a second time at the ends to make sure that they stay in place.

She also admits that she gets very stressed if even just one of piece of her bangs gets out of place.

Jisoo gives a bit of TMI and adds that there is nothing more important to Lisa than her bangs. “She is fine even if we accidentally step on her feet or bump into her, but if you brush past her bangs, she will throw hands!”

Of course having bangs is a personal preference, but fans know just how beautiful she is even without bangs!

Bang or no bangs, there is no denying what a queen she is!


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