BLACKPINK’s Lisa May Have Dropped A Spoiler For Her Solo Debut And Fans Are Loving It

What’s my name?

After years of waiting, BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is finally set to make her solo debut this August and fans are on the edge of their seats, waiting to see what she might do.

Lisa’s photoshoot for W Korea | @wkorea/Instagram

On July 25, Lisa took to her Instagram story and potentially revealed two major spoilers for her upcoming solo song:

The first picture she revealed had producers with The Black Label (a label under YG Entertainment) shirts on working at a computer which may have given a hint as to who is producing her track. Producers at The Black Label include longtime BLACKPINK songwriter’s Teddy, 24, and R. Tee.

The first update Lisa posted to her story. | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

The next thing Lisa shared was a photo of a sound file with her name on it (Lalisa). In the corner of this picture there is a small caption that has fans abuzz. “What’s My Name?”

Lisa’s second update that launched a worldwide trend. | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

Within an hour of the Instagram story “What’s My Name” was trending at number 1 worldwide on Twitter with more than 200 thousand tweets in around an hour!

Fans of course are curious as to what “What’s My Name” might mean. Some believe it might be the title for her solo debut track:

Others are confident that Lisa wouldn’t spoil her own song like this:

Some compared it to earlier in July when she posted “The Show Must Go On” on her Instagram to tease her solo announcement:

Some fans are taking this as a moment to reflect on Lisa’s career and share how proud they are of her:

The overall consensus seems to be that fans cannot wait for Lisa’s solo debut!

What do you think “What’s My Name” means? Are you excited for Lisa’s solo debut? Let us know!

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