BLACKPINK’s Lisa Uses Her Spotify Billion Streams Plaque To Serve Up Her Favorite Thai Meal

She literally ate that.

As streaming platforms became the primary source of music consumption, the focus quickly turned to how many streams a song received as a measure of success. Of the dozens of streaming platforms available, the most commonly referenced is Spotify, as users can view the number of streams an artist has.

Spotify’s listing of Taylor Swift’s popular tracks, including their stream count. | Spotify

In K-Pop, streaming is just as focused on, with the achievement of reaching one billion streams holding just as much weight as it does worldwide. BLACKPINK‘s LisaΒ was the first K-Pop soloist and female K-Pop act to achieve this feat with her music overall.

Lisa’s most streamed track is”Money,” and earlier this year, the track hit a billion streams, a feat that is awarded a special plaque from Spotify.

Recently, the video of Lisa receiving her plaque was shared online and showed the artist using her award for something unexpected but now a tradition.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

The video begins with Lisa saying hello and sharing that she is in France. The artist shows a lot of excitement about her plaque, even making sure she didn’t leave fingerprints on it as she held it up.

Lisa then transitions to the next part of the video by explaining the Thai dish she would make, Khia Jiao, a Thai-styled shrimp omelet.

As Lisa cooked, the video shared some fantastic stats about “Money,” including the fact that it was added to over fourteen million playlists, and named the top ten countries that stream the track the most.

After finishing up, Lisa placed her meal into the plaque and took a big bite, meaning she literally “ate that.” Lisa didn’t just stop with her entree, however, and went back to make another Thai dish for dessert, Itim Khanon Pang.

Congratulations to Lisa on her massive achievement!