BLACKPINK’s Lisa Captures The Energy Of Spring For ELLE Korea

She graced the cover of the April edition.

As the featured artist on the cover of ELLE’s April edition, BLACKPINK’s Lisa shared her feelings about the girl group’s first online concert, as well as her approach to happiness, in an interview with the magazine.

BLACKPINK’s first online concert The Show, which was held in January, saw many stages that were of high quality and from various angles. Lisa reminisced about the excitement she and her fellow members feel when meeting fans in person and seeing them holding light sticks, but that they weren’t able to do that for the online concert.

She also shared her views on happiness and the importance of feeling it for oneself. According to Lisa’s longtime friends and family members, she was always a bright person who enjoyed getting up to mischief as a youngster.

That’s why I try to show myself without hiding anything and without lies.

– Lisa

The photoshoot has a fun track field theme, which perfectly shows off the idol’s charismatic gaze and athletic figure.

Source: ELLE


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