BLACKPINK Fans Trend “YG Stop Sabotaging Lisa” On Twitter As A Wake-Up Call To YG Entertainment

They believe Lisa is being neglected.

Fans of BLACKPINK‘s Lisa are calling for YG Entertainment to take better care of their artist. Beginning March 7, BLINKs trended “YG Stop Sabotaging Lisa” on Twitter while listing the various instances when the company failed to support her in her endeavors.

| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

Fans around the world, including major fansites in China, have joined the protest.

It has caught their attention that several of her recent endorsements were of poor quality, such as her Vivo S9 photos with unfinished editing.

| Weibo
| Weibo

Fans have also complained about the lack of variety in the clothes she’s given to wear during the shootings of IQIYI‘s Youth With You 3 as their dance mentor. Compared to the previous season where she wore various cuts and colors of outfits, she was now only offered mostly plain white blouses.

Youth With You 2 (Top) and Youth With You 3 (Bottom) | IQIYI

BLINKs claimed that Lisa has not been allowed to perform in offline events, her endorsements were not prepared in time for their releases, and she was excluded from group advertisements.

Lisa’s photo was not found in BLACKPINK’s paid advertisement in Weibo | @Lsglobal_/Twitter

The incident has allegedly led to a drop in YG Entertainment’s stock prices from ₩51,400 KRW in the morning of March 8 to just ₩48,600 KRW a few hours later.

“YG Stop Sabotaging Lisa” has garnered over a million Tweets so far.