BLACKPINK’s Lisa Suddenly Grows Too Tall For Jisoo During Their “BORN PINK” Thailand Soundcheck, But Here’s The Unexpected Truth

There was a plausible reason for the huge difference! 😂

BLACKPINK have been together for so long that it’s not surprising that their relationships are more like family members, and sometimes things get chaotic… even when they’re performing in front of fans!

Recently, Jisoo and Lisa gained attention after their sibling interaction when the group’s youngest member miraculously grew taller.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa (left) and Jisoo (right) | Weverse

Although the members all seem similar in height, there is normally only a 5cm difference between Jisoo and Lisa. Although it seems like a lot, there never really seems to be a noticeable difference between the two when they are on stage and performing.

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Recently, the members performed their hearts out when they were in Thailand for two sold-out shows at the National Stadium. Of course, Thai BLINKs were on hand to make sure international fans didn’t have to miss moments from the show.

One moment particularly caught the attention of fans, and it was from the soundcheck. As expected, BLACKPINK looked flawless, even though they weren’t wearing makeup and had more casual clothes on.

At one point, Jisoo was near Lisa, and there was an astonishing height difference between the two. Even Jisoo seemed surprised as she started using her hand to measure the difference.

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Yet, rather than Lisa having the quickest growth spurt in history, Jisoo noticed that the reason for the height difference came from the shoes. BLACKPINK’s oldest member quickly pointed out that Lisa was wearing extremely high-platformed trainers while she was just wearing normal trainers.

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Even Lisa couldn’t stop laughing after seeing the difference between the two pairs of shoes. Even though Jisoo is the oldest, there is always something that oozes “Sibling energy” when Lisa, as the younger sister, realizes she is taller.

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When the video was posted, it was viewed over 400,000 times, and netizens couldn’t get over the adorable interaction between the oldest and youngest member of BLACKPINK.

As expected, BLACKPINK never ceases to make people laugh with their genuine interactions on stage. After 6 years as a group and training for much longer, it’s not surprising that they’re more like a family than a group.

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