BLACKPINK’s Lisa Cooked Her Favorite Thai Dish, Local Vendors Immediately Notice Their Sales Soar

They’re grateful to Lisa!

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa continues to prove that she’s one of the most influential celebrities around!

On November 16, Lisa’s interview with Spotify celebrating her one billion streams for “MONEY” was released. Unlike typical videos, she cooked her favorite Thai dish, khai jiao (Thai-style omelet), and ate it directly on her trophy.

Following the release of this video, khai jiao trended on Thai social media sites. News outlets also reported the increase in sales of this dish, as seen in their visit to a local shop that is known for selling it.

Omelet rice sold very well after Lisa showed off her skills cooking her favorite minced shrimp omelet. Many fans flocked to the restaurant.

— News Outlet

They interviewed the owner of a rice omelet stall located at the Din Daeng Market in the city of Khon Kaen. The owner used to be the sole person cooking and selling the dish, using just five to six eggs per day.

After Lisa’s video was released, however, she needed to quickly find an assistant and buy more raw materials to satisfy the increased demand.

She is grateful for the rise in customers that Lisa brought in as a result of her Spotify video. She hopes that the BLACKPINK singer can one day visit her stall in Khon Kaen and taste her dish free of charge.

The seller would like to invite Lisa to try tasting the omelet for free in Khon Kaen.

— News Outlet

This is far from the first time something Lisa did or wore went viral. Whenever she does something related to her Thai heritage, locals take notice quickly.

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Source: Twitter