BLACKPINK’s Lisa Thinks True Fans Can Recognize Her From Just One Physical Feature

Think you can do it?

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is aware that fans know her so well, they just need to see one feature of hers to recognize who she is!

Lisa talked all about it during an interview with Complex, where she was asked to name her favorite lyric from her solo debut song “LALISA.”

What is the GOAT lyric in ‘LALISA?’

— Complex

After thinking for a moment, the lyric she ultimately chose is, “You know it’s me just by looking at my back.

It’s her favorite because she can imagine fans recognizing her from far away just by seeing her back.

I really like it because if my fans saw me from far, far away, I think they could tell it’s me. You know it’s me just by looking at my back.

— Lisa

Just like Lisa said, only true fans would immediately know that it’s her when they see her back!

It’s distinctively “Lisa” no matter what angle you look at it.

In the same interview, Lisa dished on her favorite dessert and how she grew to love it because of her dad. Check it out below!

BLACKPINK Lisa’s Favorite Dessert Is All Thanks To Her Dad, A Professional Chef

Source: YouTube