BLACKPINK’s Lisa Shows Off Her Tiny Waist And Unreal Body Proportions During “Inkigayo” And The 2022 VMAs

Lisa looked like she was a model coming straight off a catwalk!

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is an idol that has managed to capture the hearts of netizens worldwide. With her unreal talent, charming charisma, and dazzling visuals, it isn’t surprising that she is one of the most well-known K-Pop idols.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa | @lalalisa_m/Instagram

Ever since debuting, Lisa has always gained praise for her unreal body proportions and tiny waist. As the group’s main dancer, her frame allows the dance moves to adapt to whatever style, whether she needs to be elegant or more gritty. It also showcases her visuals and makes her look like a model straight off a catwalk.

| @lalalisa_m/Instagram
| @lalalisa_m/Instagram
| @lalalisa_m/Instagram

After leaving for America with the rest of the BLACKPINK members for the VMAs, Lisa already managed to send the internet into meltdown with her small waist and unreal proportions at Incheon Airport.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa at Incheon Airport

Yet, it seems like the past few days, Lisa has continued to send the BLINK community into meltdown with her beautiful figure and proportions.

Although the members were in America during the weekend, preparing for the VMAs, BLACKPINK made sure that amidst their busy schedules, they made time to promote “Pink Venom” in Korea. On August 28, the group wowed with their performance of the track on Inkigayo.

BLACKPINK’s “Inkigayo” performance

All the members stood out in their own way, but Lisa particularly managed to stand out.

During the performance, the idol was wearing a black mini skirt and cropped vest with netted sleeves. It meant that not only was Lisa able to show off her amazing dancing and lines, but her tiny waist was always on show.

Even in still images from the performance, Lisa looked flawless and showcased unreal proportions that seemed like a model straight off a catwalk.

| @sbsnoriter/Twitter

If BLINKs were dizzy from the performance on Inkigayo, Lisa once again wowed everyone with her visuals and body proportions less than 24 hours later as she and the rest of the members took to the red carpet for this year’s VMAs.

Each member of BLACKPINK showcased their own individual style with their outfits and also showcased their brand loyalty in looks from CELINE, Yves Saint Laurent, Dior, and Chanel.

The members of BLACKPINK at the VMAs | @MTVNEWS/Twitter

Of course, as CELINE’s ambassador, Lisa shined in her outfit, and although it wasn’t as revealing as previous looks, the fit, color, and design perfectly showcased the idol’s visuals and proportions.

Like during Inkigayo, and as expected from a true performer, Lisa shone the most when she was on stage. Battling through a malfunction with her microphone and just being a true queen, Lisa and the rest of the members stole the show.

BLACKPINK “Pink Venom” performance at VMAs | MTV/YouTube
| MTV/YouTube   

During the performance, netizens couldn’t get enough of Lisa’s look throughout.

Once again, all the members had their own style. Lisa’s seemed very apt as she wore a pair of black shorts and a strappy top with a signature pink sleeve. The fit was classy and truly BLACKPINK, but it also showed off Lisa’s tiny waist throughout the performance.

| MTV/YouTube
| MTV/YouTube

Although Lisa seems tiny, the idol has shown over the years that she lives a healthy lifestyle, combining eating well and exercising. As the group’s main dancer, Lisa is always active, and her dedication to the group and K-Pop unsurprisingly keeps her active and allows her to showcase her visuals and body.

You can read more about Lisa’s unreal proportions being on show below.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa Gains Attention For Her Tiny Waist And Body Proportions