BLACKPINK’s Lisa Was Touched When A “Youth With You 3” Trainee Learned Thai Just For Her

So sweet!

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is the one and only dance mentor for the male trainees of IQIYI‘s Youth With You 3. She’s had many interactions with them from afar, from giving them meaningful advice to joking around. In one trainee’s case, she was touched by his effort to communicate with her in her mother tongue, Thai, and she wasn’t shy to show her gratitude!

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It was none other than 26-year old IKELILI who impressed Lisa right away by greeting her in her native language.

Oh! Sawadee krap [hello].

— Lisa

After performing his original song, “THANK YOU,” Lisa had only good things to say about him.

I just want to say, you are very cute. I really liked the ‘THANK U’ move. Your performance was great. You were very charming.

— Lisa

IKELILI went a step further than most trainees by not just memorizing how to say “hello” but also “I like you” in Thai. From Lisa’s reaction, it was obvious that she was touched!

Chãn chôrb khun mak [I like you], Lisa!


The other trainees didn’t understand what he said, so he translated for the audience.

I learned a few words. I said, ‘Lisa, I like you.’


As a parting thanks, Lisa told him, “Thank you. Good luck!” while everyone looked on with envy!

Why didn’t I learn that?

— Trainee

Check out their full interaction below!

Source: IQIYI


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