BLACKPINK Lisa’s Attitude Towards The Newest YG Trainees Showcases Her True Personality

Lisa drew on her own experiences as a YG trainee!

When it comes to being a K-Pop trainee, it is worlds away from the experience many netizens expect it to be when they view it through rose-tinted glasses. It is a lot more common for idols to be honest about their trainee experiences, and one person who knows exactly what it’s like to spend years training is BLACKPINK‘s Lisa.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa | @lalalalalisa_m/Instagram

Recently, the members of BLACKPINK made history as they appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. Of course, they looked flawless. The publication also recently released Lisa’s solo editorial, and the idol looked absolutely glamorous and beautiful.

BLACKPINK Lisa’s “Rolling Stone” issue | Rolling Stone
| Rolling Stone

In the interview, along with the group editorial, Lisa got honest about the hardships she suffered as a trainee. Lisa explained that everything they did was to help them debut, and she added, “Debut, debut, debut, that was the only thing on our minds.

With monthly testing, solo and team performances, along with lessons to enhance their skills, Lisa shared her honest thoughts on the experience, particularly as someone who was so far from home.

When was this going to end? Like, when? Do we have to get tested every month? I’d call my mom [in Thailand] wanting to quit, and she’d tell me to hang on just another year, just hang on.

— Lisa

Lisa and her family in Thailand | @chitthipbruschweiler/Instagram

In particular, it was extremely tough for Lisa, who had left her home and family in Thailand, to achieve her dreams. Yet, after debuting, Lisa has become an inspiration for many aspiring idols and, in the interview, shared what it was like being a YG Entertainment sunbaenim (senior).

As expected, BLACKPINK is treated with so much respect by those training, and Lisa explained, “They bow, like, 90 degrees, ‘Annyeonghaseyo!’ [formal “hello” in Korean].

| @lalalalalisa_m/Instagram

Yet, even though Lisa is extremely successful, it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have time for the trainees. In particular, during the interview, Lisa showcased her true personality when explaining that there’s one trainee with who she has formed a bond.

There is a Thai trainee who reminds me of when I was young. I’m trying to take care of her.

— Lisa

Although most senior artists will give advice to their juniors and those training, for Lisa, it was much more important than that. Lisa seems to be a sister figure to the trainee, ensuring that she takes care of them emotionally.

It’s not so much about giving advice. We eat together, go shopping. She’s 17 and has been here for nearly two years.

— Lisa

| @lalalalalisa_m/Instagram

Lisa might treat the trainee to food and go shopping, but it doesn’t mean that the idol isn’t there for support. As someone who has gone through the grueling process, Lisa is the perfect person to give advice.

I asked her once, ‘Is there anything you’re struggling with?’ And she started to cry. ‘I want to dance like you unnie, but I’m so bad, and I’m so sad about that.’ I just tell her, ‘Keep practicing.’

— Lisa

BLACKPINK’s Lisa is known as one of the strongest female K-Pop dancers | Lilifilm Official/YouTube
| Lilifilm Official/YouTube

When the article was shared, BLINKs couldn’t stop sharing their praise and admiration for Lisa and how she takes care of the trainee. In particular, they explained how it showed just how caring Lisa is and despite her busy schedule, she is always there for her juniors.

It isn’t the first time Lisa has shown her dedication to helping future talents. When she was a mentor in Youth With You 3, BLACKPINK’s main dancer, Lisa, showcased more than just her skills in dancing, she also showed how good of a mentor she is to her trainees.

As someone who has gone through the process and come out the other side, Lisa is the perfect person to mentor the future of K-Pop. The fact that despite her fame and schedule, she still takes out time for her juniors showcases how kind and caring she is.

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Source: Rolling Stone

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