BLACKPINK Lisa Trends #1 On Twitter In Thailand After Samsung Posted Her Solo CF

Lisa is a 10 in this Galaxy S10 CF.

BLACKPINK as a group have been endorsing for Samsung for quite some time now, but recently Lisa has scored her own solo endorsement with the electronics conglomerate. BLACKPINK have been promoting the Samsung Galaxy’s A series, while Lisa is promoting the line’s frontrunners, the S10 series.

Samsung Thailand posted her solo CF on May 13 to their YouTube channel.

The hashtag supporting Lisa’s endorsement, #GalaxyS10XLisa, ended up trending at #1 on Twitter in Thailand, racking up more than 32 thousand tweets in the mere hours since CF’s release.

In less than 24 hours, the CF itself got more than 330K views on YouTube; BLINKS all over the world went crazy for the short commercial film. For some BLINKs, this was the final push they needed to make the switch over to the Android side.

It’s nice to see Lisa, who left Thailand at a young age to pursue fame in Korea, making a name for herself in her home country.