BLACKPINK Earn New Nicknames During “Carpool Karaoke” — With Lisa Going Viral Worldwide For Hers

Why do you think Lisa’s name gained so much attention?

Since debuting in 2016, BLACKPINK have earned many nicknames as both a group and individually. Whether it is those given by fans themselves or names from locals watching BLACKPINK at huge events, they’re spot on.

The members of BLACKPINK | @sbskpop/Twitter

Well, it seems like they have new nicknames given by an A-List celebrity, with one member’s particularly going viral.

On April 19 (KST), British host James Corden posted a video of the members participating in one of the final episodes of Carpool Karaoke. Unsurprisingly, the episode was chaotic and random, allowing each of the members to showcase their personalities.


During the video, James Corden pointed out that the British group Spice Girls was a huge influence on the group.

Lisa explained that since she was young, she would listen to the radio, and it was a time when a lot of the Spice Girls songs were released.

While Lisa loved the songs and was vibing with them, Jennie explained that the fact they had their own individual characters was something BLACKPINK wanted to emulate.

James Corden unsurprisingly brought up that the Spice Girls have their own nicknames for each member that became their identity. The host then asked what their names would be if they were in the group.

Unsurprisingly, Australian Rosé got given “Australian Pink.”

Lisa had the sass and presence to be called “Boss Pink.”

Despite her strong aura on stage, Jennie can sometimes seem introverted, so she was dubbed “Shy Pink.”

Lastly, Jisoo had the name “Nail Pink” because of her beautifully designed nails that were… pink.

Yet, what made some BLINKs laugh even more was that the question of their “Spice Girl” names isn’t new. In a TikTok shared after the episode was released, a BLINK shared a clip of Lisa and Jennie being asked the same question.


out of all the questions the paparazzi could have asked😭 #jennie #blackpink #jenniekim #fyp #carpoolkaraoke #jamescorden #jenchella #coachella #jenniecoachella

♬ son original – jennie

While the nicknames gained attention, Lisa’s nickname of “Boss Pink” was trending worldwide.

On social media, both BLINKs and other huge accounts couldn’t get enough of the name Lisa had earned. For many, it fitted the idol perfectly with her talent, aura, and the way she held herself both on and off stage.

As expected, BLACKPINK is not only beautiful and talented but the members have charming personalities that make any show they appear on 100% funnier. While all the nicknames were great, Lisa’s definitely suited her attitude, and it might just stick with BLINKs.

You can read more from the episode below.

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Source: The Late Late Show With James Corden


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