New Footage Reveals That BLACKPINK Might Have Manifested Lisa’s Win At The VMAs

What BLACKPINK wants, they get.

No one was prouder than BLACKPINK when Lisa won the “Best K-Pop” award at the VMAs, making history as the first female and first solo artist to win the category. During her award speech, the girls couldn’t contain their joy as they cheered on their beloved maknae.

Rosé was the first member to hug Lisa as soon as it was announced that Lisa had won, and she struggled to hide her tears of joy during Lisa’s speech.

Even Jisoo, who hardly ever cries, especially in front of the girls, could barely hold back her tears because of how proud she was of Lisa.

As for Jennie, she couldn’t stop smiling as she sent all Lisa all her love. The girls have been with each other for so long and have gone through thick and thin together, so the overwhelming amount of love they have for Lisa couldn’t be contained.

A new video was released of BLACKPINK’s reaction to Lisa’s win, and if you look carefully, it seems like the girls might have manifested Lisa’s win.

Rosé whispered to Jennie before the announcement that she was confident Lisa would get the win, and Jennie couldn’t help but smile in anticipation.

And a split second before the winner’s name was announced, Jisoo mouthed Lisa’s name. To everyone’s surprise, including her own, her prediction came true.

You might think it’s a new talent for BLACKPINK to speak things into existence, but if you think about it, they’ve always achieved what they’ve wanted. The girls pour their whole hearts into their passions, fulfilling their self-proclaimed prophecy of being the top girl group in the world back when they dyed the world pink in “Whistle.”

Besides music, the brands they loved when they were younger have returned that love ten times over. Jennie has loved Chanel since she was a child rummaging through her mom’s clothes, and now she’s the brand’s global ambassador.

Rosé had a similar experience as she grew up noticing that her mother wore Tiffany jewelry and used Sulwhasoo skincare products. Now Rosé’s the global ambassador for both brands.

It’s safe to say that what the girls want, they get. If that’s not powerful, what is?