BLACKPINK’s Lisa Is The Queen Of Cover Girls In New “W Korea” Photos

She’s showing models how it’s done.

Out of the way cover girls, BLACKPINK‘s Queen Lisa is back!


Today, W Korea magazine unveiled their August 2021 issue, featuring Lisa on four different covers. In each photo, Lisa demonstrates her range as a fashion model by breathing fresh air into retro aesthetics.

For this cover, Lisa embodied BLACKPINK’s signature color palette with an iridescent pink crop top and black bottoms to match her rockstar hair. Those killer nails aren’t functional, but they are fashionable!

Lisa brings an air of mystery to this look with her smoky-eyed gaze and artistic pose. She’s wearing a tie-dye top that harkens back to trends of the 1960s and revivals from the 1990s to today.

If you’re not getting David Bowie vibes from Lisa’s ruffled blouse and pleather pants, you might want to consider watching the cult 1980s classic Labyrinth!

Today is the gift that keeps giving to BLINK! If you haven’t seen it yet, check out Jennie‘s new ad for Calvin Klein.

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Source: W Korea