The “Youth With You 3” Theme Song Choreography Was So Tiring, BLACKPINK’s Lisa “Almost Threw Up”

She warned the trainees that the dance is exhausting.

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa danced to the theme song of IQIYI‘s Youth With You 3 as a tutorial for the trainees. Despite the fun choreography of “We Rock!”, the show called it “the hardest theme song in any talent show.”

From the moment the trainees watched it for the first time, they could tell that it had a high level of difficulty.

Mentor Lisa made this dance look easy, so I followed her and only a few moves are easy. The rest are so difficult.

— Nemo

When dancing to this song, it’s necessary to know how to distribute your physical strength more clearly, because it involves jumping from start to finish.

— Jun Liu

According to Lisa, if last season’s theme song, “Yes! Ok!”, was rated 40 out of 100, then this one would be twice as tough at 80.

The chorus of “Yes! Okay!” 
The chorus of “We Rock!” 

Lisa shared how the choreography of “We Rock!” is much more intricate and tiring than one would initially expect. Despite being a seasoned dancer, she felt like vomiting after finishing the performance.

I want to tell you that this song is exhausting. When I was dancing the ‘one take’, I almost threw up.

— Lisa

In fact, she fell to the ground as soon as the song ended. Her fellow professional backup dancers also took deep breaths to recover.

BLINKs commented their words of support for Lisa as soon as the episode was aired, especially since she rarely shows fans how tired she is behind the scenes.

At the same time, they commended her for her professionalism and skills as she made the difficult dance look effortless.

Check out the full video below.

Source: IQIYI