BLACKPINK’s Lisa Teases BLINKs With New Content Plans For Her YouTube Channel

We all can’t wait for Lilifilm’s comeback!

In an interview with Vogue KoreaBLACKPINK‘s Lisa was asked about her YouTube channel, Lilifilm Official. In this channel, Lisa has uploaded videos with various contents ranging from travel vlogs to dance covers!

She was asked about what she plans to upload on her YouTube channel soon, adn Lisa smiled shyly as she thought about whether she should share her answer with BLINKs or not.

She eventually settled for telling both the staff and her fans that the answers to that question will be kept a secret!

She then took it back and revealed that she indeed has plans for her YouTube channel. She even admitted that she’s been procrastinating!

It’s not really a secret, but I do have plans. I’ve been putting it off, though.

She was asked if the next video she will be posting was a dance video, however, she just laughed adorably at the question. Lisa ended up spilling her plans in the end, though, revealing that she will release not just a dance video, but also a vlog of her daily life with the members!

Lisa revealed a lot of her plans and BLINKs are more than excited for Lilifilm’s comeback!

Lisa surely knows how to make her fans happy and excited!

Check out Lisa’s latest upload on her YouTube channel here: