BLACKPINK Listens To The Same Album While Modeling For Photoshoots, But It Isn’t Their Own

It’s by a famous artist!

BLACKPINK is the perfect example of a K-Pop group who isn’t just sought after for their musical abilities but also for their other talents, especially modeling! The four members are booked and busy attending fashion shows and photoshoots for numerous brands like Chanel

Saint Laurent


…and CELINE.

Fascinatingly, they blend their two interests in a very specific way—they listen to albums while modeling for magazines and brand shoots.

In a recent radio show appearance on SIRIUSXM, the girls revealed that they all have the same go-to album when modeling, and it isn’t one of their own. It isn’t even a K-Pop album!

Rosé shared that they always listen to Rihanna‘s eighth studio album, ANTI.

Released in 2016, ANTI was a huge hit worldwide. It continues to be loved by many people, BLACKPINK included.

We have this one album that we always have on. Anti by Rihanna. It is our go-to photoshoot album.

— Rosé

Afterwards, Jennie went on to confess that Rihanna was a huge driving force for them before they debuted. They were inspired by her music and her live performances, wanting to be like her in the future.

She gave us so much inspiration, and we grew up watching her perform and listening to her music.

— Jennie

We love her!” Jennie and Rosé exclaimed in unison.

The members may have been inspired by Rihanna growing up, but now they’re even attending the same events! Knowing how much they look up to the Barbadian singer, here’s to hoping they will collaborate one day.

| @PopCrave/Twitter

| @PopCrave/Twitter

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