BLACKPINK Gave “Lovesick Girls” Star LØREN The Best Advice For His Own Solo Debut

They’re such awesome labelmates!

BLACKPINK‘s epic “Lovesick Girls” music video was practical a mini-movie, and the supporting actor playing the members’ relationship partner—LØREN—was undoubtedly perfect in his role. But 26-yer-old LØREN isn’t just someone who featured in a music video. He’s also a rookie solo artist himself—and BLACKPINK gave him the sweetest advice for his debut.

After LØREN made his appearance in “Lovesick Girls,” BLINKs began scrambling to find out just who he was. It soon turned out that the cameo star was actually a producer, DJ, and then-upcoming solo artist under THE BLACK LABEL, a subsidiary of YG Entertainment.


Alongside co-starring in the music video, he also wrote lyrics for three songs on The Album: “Lovesick Girls,” “Pretty Savage,” and “You Never Know.”


It’s not clear exactly when LØREN met the BLACKPINK members, but he’s definitely known them since before “Lovesick Girls” dropped. In fact, he was even seen hanging out with Lisa on the set of BLACKPINK’s Selena Gomez collaboration, “Ice Cream.”

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Since the labelmates seem to be good friends, it’s no surprise that they’ve been supportive of each other for a while. Shortly after “Lovesick Girls” was released, Rosé issued a big thank you to LØREN on Instagram for helping her with acting and even coming up with the idea to write on the guitar prop.


Thank you to LØREN-oppa for helping me out with the acting!! It was super funny and awkward at first but I’m very happy with the outcome.

— Rosé

Now, it seems that BLACKPINK returned the favor by supporting LØREN just as closely. In a new interview with i-D, the rookie starlet explained that after THE BLACK LABEL encouraged him to perform the songs he writes, he spent much of 2020 working on his debut.

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He finally made his foray into the singing industry on November 13, 2020, with his first single, “Empty Trash”—and he had some great advice from BLACKPINK to get him there. LØREN revealed that he was “hella nervous” when it was time to shoot his debut music video, but the BLACKPINK members were there for him.


I was hella nervous—seeing all those people there just for your sake was frightening, so I was like, having a panic attack.


According to LØREN, the BLACKPINK members assured him thanks to all his hard work, his moment to shine was finally here. They went on to tell him not to worry about making inevitable mistakes but to instead focus on giving the shoot his everything.


They’d told me: ‘This is your moment, this is the one time you’ve worked so hard for so make sure it’s worth it. Don’t hesitate, don’t think about what people are going to think of you. It’s your first time, you’re going to make mistakes and feel awkward. Give it everything you’ve got.’


Their advice really helped me,” recalled LØREN, who’s well on his way to stardom with his sweet labelmates by his side.

Source: i-D