BLACKPINK Get Cut Off Mid-Performance And Sent Off Stage, BLINKs Are Pissed

BLINKs are pissed.

When BLACKPINK was invited to the 2018 Lotte Duty Free Family Festival, they were ready to give the audience a great performance but unable to complete it.

BLACKPINK | YG Entertainment

The group was expected to spend 20 minutes on stage performing 4 songs and having two talk segments. The songs they were supposed to perform (in order) were “As If It’s Your Last”, “Stay”, “Forever Young”, and “DDU-DU DDU-DU.”

However, in the middle of their “Forever Young” performance, a staff member rushed in from backstage to where the girls were performing and stopped them.

The music stopped shortly after, and the entire audience groaned in disapproval. The PA announcer at the venue stated that the group would return to finish their set when the internal issues were solved, but they never returned, leaving many BLINKs disappointed and angry.

  • “Lotte needs to apologize to BLACKPINK, to the fans at the venue, and to BLINKS.”
  • “Lotte messed up. They started BLACKPINK’s performance early while BLINKS and other fans were still outside trying to get in. Then they stopped BLACKPINK during ‘Forever Young’. THEN a staff member took them off stage, in the MIDDLE of a performance. And they never let them come back like they said they would. #Lotte_OUT.”

Watch the full clip below: