BLACKPINK Made Promises As Future Class Presidents, And They Totally Match Their Personalities

“I will allow everyone to bring their pets!”

In Episode 12 of 24/365 with BLACKPINK, the girls played the role of students in an exclusive school. The first thing on the agenda was to choose a class president, and it was total chaos! They each made different promises that are reflections of their personalities and humor.

Check them out below!

1. Lisa

Lisa was first to explain her campaign convictions. She had a very compelling reason why everyone should vote for her: because she’ll make their wishes come true.

If I become captain, anything my members want to eat, anything they want to do, I’ll pay with my own money to make all of that possible.

— Lisa

In other words, Lisa’s pledge was to flex her wealth for the good!

Host: What if they want an air-conditioner?

Lisa: I’ll pay for the air-conditioner for them!

2. Jennie

Jennie, meanwhile, had a truly unique promise. She vowed to make school life interesting by making their class co-ed!

I have the ability to bring in new students. To brighten up this girl’s school atmosphere, I’ll change this school into a co-ed one.

— Jennie

As could be seen on their faces, the other girls were awed at their main rapper’s promise. She was definitely the gutsiest member!

3. Rosé

Rosé had the most wholesome campaign promise. With an indulgent smile on her face, she claimed that she can make it a reality for her classmates to go to school with their beloved pets.

I will allow everyone to bring their pets, just like a pet cafe!

— Rosé

Even her fish, Juhwang, will not be left behind. Like the bright and resourceful person that she is, Rosé knew exactly where she would place him.

I can bring Juhwang’s tank and put it here.

— Rosé

4. Jisoo

Finally, Jisoo proved she’s the strict but warm-hearted eldest by promising to make everyone score higher on their tests.

She even voted for herself as class president—that’s how strong her conviction was!

I feel like [my] academic attitude will fix up this class full of mess.

— Jisoo

In the end, Lisa became the class president with two votes! If you want to see more of the voting process, check out the full video below.