BLACKPINK’s Manager Under Fire For Pushing Old Man, Netizens Criticize Members’ Behavior

“Take a look at their faces carefully. It’s full of arrogance. I feel disgusted.”

BLACKPINK‘s manager has recently come under fire for pushing aside an older man while the members arrived at the Incheon International Airport on their way to Fukuoka, Japan.


According to the reports, an old man was simply crossing the street when one of BLACKPINK’s manager pushed him out of the members’ path.


The surprised old man had apparently turned around and started yelling at the manager for pushing him.


Netizens have been criticizing the manager for being physical to an elderly man who did not even seem to be closing in on the idols on purpose. In general, it is highly disrespectful in Korean culture to lay hands on someone who is older than you – especially if they’re an elderly person.

  • “You can tell by the photo that the grandfather is not even looking at BLACKPINK (although there would be no problem even if he was since they were probably causing a big scene) and was simply crossing the road at the entrance of the airport. Why is he exaggerating lol YG, please train your employees. Where did you find these gangsters?”
  • “Yea I searched the internet after reading this and that manager seems like a gangster or something;;; Blocking and pushing a grandfather who was just passing by…did they rent the airport or something??? The reporter who was there called even that man an excessive bodyguard.”
  • “It’s like they’re saying, ‘Clear the path, the emperor is here~’ We live in an egalitarian society, celebrities are not any different. This is so annoying. Who is he to push a passerby?”


Moreover, some netizens were disappointed in BLACKPINK. They believed that the members were rude to completely ignore the grandfather even when he was shouting at them for the manager’s behavior.

  • “Hm but isn’t it hard to say that the singers dealt with the situation well? If it were me, I think I would go and apologize.”
  • “BLACKPINK isn’t obligated to apologize but it’s pretty surprising that they didn’t even look back when the grandfather was screaming lol. Maybe because there are so many people like that, they’re not even concerned anymore.”
  • “Take a look at their faces carefully. It’s full of arrogance. I feel disgusted.”
Source: Pann Nate