BLACKPINK May Extend Their Reign As Music Festival Queens With A Performance At Lollapalooza

BLACKPINK might just put another festival under their belt.

It’s no secret that BLACKPINK set the stage and internet on fire after their historical performance at Coachella 2019, but talks may be in the works to have the girls perform at Lollapalooza Brazil 2020.

BLACKPINK pictured performing at Coachella 2019 

In a tweet, José Norberto Flesch – the Editor of Recreation & Art for Brazilian newspaper Destak – hinted that Lollapalooza may be looking to expand their repertoire of performers by adding a K-Pop act to the lineup of their 2020 festival in Sao Paulo.

In his tweets he says that he feels Lollapalooza Brazil should have a K-Pop band perform at the festival and followed that up with saying that BLACKPINK should be awaiting an invitation from the festival organizers.

I’d say even BLACKPINK would be waiting for an invitation. Ops…

Nothing has been confirmed, but BLINKs are already hard at work tweeting Lollapalooza Brazil with BLACKPINK’s Coachella stats to make sure they actually do invite the girls to perform.

BLACKPINK’s attendance at Lollapalooza Brazil would be groundbreaking – something BLACKPINK is very familiar with.