BLACKPINK Members All Agree On Who’s The Prettiest In The Group

Jisoo is the “visual member” of BLACKPINK!

The stunning visuals of BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo were once again brought into the spotlight on a recent episode of Access Showbiz Tonight.


Jisoo appeared looking exceptionally gorgeous as the host of BLACKPINK’s interview introduced Jisoo as BLACKPINK’s “visual member”.


When the host referred to Jisoo by this title, Rose and Jennie chimed in in agreement while Lisa gave a big thumbs up.

“The visuals of our team.” ㅡ Rose

“Face genius.” ㅡ Jennie


When the host asked if there was a specific part of her face that Jisoo liked in particular, she replied that it was her lips!

Jennie also agreed this was Jisoo’s charm point saying, “I was going to say that! I also think her lips.”


She explained that when she smiled, her lips became heart-shaped.

“When I smile, it becomes like a heart…” ㅡ Jisoo


It wasn’t only the other members who agreed that Jisoo was beautiful. Netizens couldn’t get enough of Jisoo’s irresistible heart-shaped smile after seeing it on the show!

  • “Jisoo is beautiful.”
  • “She’s so pretty.”
  • “Wow…she could star in a movie.”
  • “She’s the prettiest, the loveliest…she’s the best!”


In conclusion, it seems like everyone agrees Jisoo’s visuals are absolutely breathtaking!

Source: Nate and Naver TV