BLACKPINK Members Reveal Their Dream Collaborations

BLINKs, did you know this?

BLACKPINK released their latest EP, “KILL THIS LOVE”, on 4th April.

Since then, “KILL THIS LOVE” has taken over the charts, smashing numerous records in the process.

The most impressive of all of them? When the music video for “KILL THIS LOVE” garnered 56.7 million views in the first 24 hours, smashing the previous record held by American singer-songwriter, Ariana Grande. (“thank u, next”, 36.2 million views)

BLACKPINK joined Brooke Reese on Apple Music’s Beats 1, where they answered questions about L.A. and their future.

Apple Music: What’s your favourite thing about visiting the U.S.?

Jennie: Everything! I have to say everything. I love the weather here, and to meet all these great people, and to feel about them — I’m so happy.

Lisa: This is my first time in here, in L.A., and I felt like I want to live here. I just love the food, the streets, everything! The weather is nice too.

The members were then asked about the music that had inspired them the most.

Rosé picked “Malibu Nights” by American band, LANY.

Lisa was a fan of Joji‘s album, “Ballads 1”

Jisoo picked BLACKPINK’s own album, “SQUARE UP”

Jennie and Lisa both agreed that Dua Lipa‘s hit, “New Rules”, was a great song.

It was my favourite song when it came out, I think I watched the video the day it came out on YouTube!

— Jennie

BLACKPINK then revealed how the collaboration with Dua Lipa came about.

Jennie: [Lisa and I] went to [Dua Lipa’s] concert, and we met her. Dua sent us a song, “Kiss and Make Up”, wondering if we would like to feature on it.

Rosé: I listened to the song and I thought, why not?

Rosé described being part of the global K-Pop movement as “surreal”.

We’re kind of moving along, but kind of like—woah, where is this going? So glad to be a part of it, kind of nervous at the same time, but really excited to see how things turn out

— Rosé

For future collaborations, BLACKPINK eagerly spoke on their dream artist to work with.

Apple Music: Speaking of collaborations—if you ladies could work with anybody, who else would you want to collaborate with?

Lisa: Tyga, maybe?

Rosé: I covered Halsey‘s song once, at a concert in Japan. She’s commented on a few of my instagram posts and that shocked me. Maybe one day we could get together, and that would be a dream come true.

Jisoo: Dua lipa?

Jennie: I really love Billie Elish’s new album!

The interview then closed off with Brooke Reese highlighting that this individuality was what made BLACKPINK who they were—a sentiment shared by the girls themselves.

You can watch the full interview with BLACKPINK below.

Source: Billboard and Naver


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