BLACKPINK Members Start Off The New Year With Warm Messages To Their Fans

They are so sweet.

With the tough year that has been 2020, all four of the BLACKPINK members have sent touching messages through their Instagrams.

| @blackpinkofficial/Instagram

Rosé posted a long and warm message to her BLINKs wishing them a better year along with an adorable selfie.

Always thank you, thank you, thank you Blink! The end of the year and the beginning of the year have come again! We pray that there will be more and more good things and only things that make us happier in 2021!
This year was the year when I felt that I had to be more grateful and valued from small things. Thank you so much to everyone who always believed in and supported me. We love our Blackpink members so much, and we really appreciate the company staff and Hemes staff. Next year, we will try to become a black pink rose that shows a lot of better things as we learn more and grow. Happy New Year everyone!!

Member Jisoo also sent out a loving message wishing her followers a wonderful New Year! Jisoo flaunts her newly advance English by writing her whole caption all in English! Along with her message is an elegant photo of herself.

I had such a wonderful year with you BLINKs, and I hope we can make more memories next year ✨

Please keep safe everyone and I wish you all the best for next year

Happy New Year
See you all in 2021🖤💖

Jennie takes her fans back to BLACKPINK’s “Ice Cream” era by posting pictures of her in an outfit from the special music video. She states she hopes for a great New Year and conveys her gratitude.

I hope all of BLINK have a warm and happy holiday at home. And see you soon :) Thanks for showing a lot of support and love during this year’s together 🖤💕 I miss you everyone!

BLACKPINK’s maknae Lisa sends a cheerful message for the New Year and hopes for everyone’s safety! With her message, she blessed her fans with two cute selfies!

It’s finally 2021 !!
Happy new year 🎆
I hope you all stay safe and have a lovely time with your family. Let’s make this year fire 🔥
I miss my BLINKS
take care💫

The members of BLACKPINK are so thoughtful and fans are excited to see everything BLACKPINK comes out with in 2021!


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