BLACKPINK’s Acceptance Speech Was Interrupted At MMA 2018, BLINKs Cry Foul 

They laughed it off, but BLINK’s weren’t happy.

BLACKPINK won two awards at the 10th Melon Music Awards but it didn’t happen without a slight technical mishap. 

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As they received the award for Melon Top 10, BLACKPINK’s Jisoo was about to give their acceptance speech when she was cut off. 


The announcement for the next winner played right as Jisoo was about to speak, interrupting BLACKPINK’s chance to deliver their speech. Jisoo was seen surprised while the members casually laughing off the incident. 


Fans present in the audience can be heard chanting “It’s okay” and the members were able to say their thanks as planned. 


The mishap was not taken lightly by their fans, however, as they expressed their anger online and called out MMA 2018 for the incident. BLACKPINK even landed on Twitter’s trending topics because of this.