“BLACKPINK THE MOVIE” Garners 500,000 Global Audiences Just 5 Days After Release

Congrats to the girls!

BLACKPINK released BLACKPINK THE MOVIE on August 4 to celebrate their fifth debut anniversary, and just five days after its release, they garnered 500,000 global audiences. In Korea, the movie was released exclusively by CGV and is being screened in various formats including special theaters such as Screen X and 4DX.

It also gained much popularity overseas in over a 100 countries and 3000 theaters. The movie currently had the largest audiences in Mexico, U.S., Turkey, Brazil, and Japan. They will also be expanding the theater releases to 4,200 theaters with the easing of restrictions on COVID-19 in Southeast Asian countries.

Congrats and happy fifth debut anniversary to BLACKPINK.

Source: tenasia