BLACKPINK’s New Album Is Super Aesthetic And It Has BLINKs Mesmerized AF

Pictures just don’t do it justice:

BLACKPINK just made their triumphant return with the release of their first full-length album THE ALBUM on October 2 and with the album taking over the world, everyone is finding out that literally everything about it is pure perfection down to the aesthetic af design.

| YG Entertainment

Released in four versions (with the edition of a limited edition LP as well), BLINKs had already gotten a sneak peek at what each version would contain through teaser images. Those teasers, however, did nothing to prepare everyone for the beauty that is THE ALBUM!

As BLINK began to receive their albums and unboxed the new goodies, they soon discovered that THE ALBUM was beautiful. Like ridiculously beautiful!

Fans were especially blown away with the holographic beauty of the hardcover photobook, that when capturing the light just right, displays a stunning pattern while also showing the now-iconic pink tiara design.

Photos and clips of the new album have been taking over with fans absolutely mesmerized by the pure aesthetic of THE ABLUM.

THE ALBUM, of course, isn’t just pleasing to the eyes. With BLACKPINK’s sultry vocals and intense raps in eight songs that slay hard, it’s perfection for the ears too! From music to design, BLACKPINK has done it again and delivered pure perfection!