BLACKPINK Debuts Their New Song “Ready For Love” At Their “THE VIRTUAL” Concert With PUBG Mobile

It’s only a preview, but it already sounds amazing!

The first day of BLACKPINK‘s THE VIRTUAL concert on PUBG MOBILE has concluded, and as a gift to the fans, a special preview of their upcoming song “Ready For Love” was performed by BLACKPINK’s AI counterparts (the voices, of course, are 100% theirs).

With over 9 million users waiting to see their concert on PUBG MOBILE, it’s clear that BLACKPINK’s power is stronger than ever. If these many BLINKs have lined up to see them through PUBG, millions more must be waiting to see the girls perform live.

“Ready For Love” is a charming pop song that shows off BLACKPINK’s vocals, and its message highlights the strength of the heart even after it’s been hurt.

“Ready For Love” is a song that is actually quite familiar to BLINKs, as it’s been shown that the girls have been working on it for quite some time. Still, since it’s been years in the making, the final will sound different than the demo, and just from the snippet BLACKPINK performed at THE VIRTUAL, there’s no doubt that this will be another legendary song.

PUBG MOBILE has announced that a special track and new music video will be released in the near future, so BLINKs can be assured that the full track of “Ready For Love” is on its way.

You can listen to and watch the preview of “Ready For Love” here: