BLACKPINK Is Now the Spokesmodel for a Bank, Here’s Why They Were Selected

BTS is also a spokesmodel for a bank.

On January 29, Woori Bank announced that they signed a contract with their new spokesmodel, BLACKPINK.

The reason why BLACKPINK has become their new model is that their growth coincided with that of Woori Bank.

BLACKPINK swept the charts as soon as they debuted, with all of their MV’s hitting over 100 million views each.

BLACKPINK also has over 18 million subscribers and they have the most Instagram followers among Korean female idols.

A representative from Woori Bank stated:

“Since this is our 120th anniversary and we continuously try to grow as an international bank, we selected BLACKPINK, who have grown to become an international girl group.”


Woori Bank looks forward to this collaboration improving their image domestically as well as internationally.

The representative added:

“Beyond just an advertisement contract, we hope that this collaboration will help both the finance industry and the entertainment industry grow.”


This isn’t the first time a Korean bank appointed a K-Pop group as their ambassador.

The famous group BTS are also spokesmodels for the Korean bank, KB Kookmin Bank, and they recently extended their contract for another year.