BLACKPINK Officially Drop Teaser Photos For Their Upcoming Comeback

Get ready BLINKs!

BLACKPINK recently announced that they were going to release their pre-release single on June 26th.

While BLINKs were ecstatic about getting an official update about the comeback, some more good things came. BLACKPINK officially dropped their first teaser photos for the comeback, and each member looks stunning. Each member is seen covering their faces, which adds to the mystery of the comeback. BLINKs were also quite excited about the members rocking a new hair color. Here are the teaser photos below.

1. Jennie

Jennie is seen rocking a different hair color, which is surprising since it’s been a couple of years since she last dyed her hair.

2. Jisoo

The visual of BLACKPINK is looking as elegant as ever, as she is rocking a more simple hair color.

3. Lisa

Lisa’s looking fierce in her teaser photo, and the new hair color just adds to it.

4. Rosé

Rosé is the only member whose face isn’t clearly shown, but her fabulous hair makes up for it.