BLACKPINK Opens Up About Their Long Break Between Comebacks

Here’s why “SQUARE ONE” took so long.

BLACKPINK gathered at a press conference for their upcoming album “SQUARE ONE”, where they opened up about the year long break since their latest comeback.

BLACKPINK’s last promotions were back in June 2017 with “AS IF IT’S YOUR LAST”.


Jennie agreed that the year long break felt as long as the fans felt, but she reassured the fans that they’ve taken a long time to come back because they wanted their first mini-album to be perfect.

“The break seemed long for us too but we’ve worked on a lot of different songs while preparing for this album. Even more than the four songs that are on the album. We would have loved it to come out faster but we wanted to focus on perfecting it by concentrating on every detail. We’re confident that we did our best. We’ll work hard during this promotion to make it seem like we never had a break.” — Jennie


Jisoo reiterated that they put a lot of effort into the new album for their awaiting fans, and hope they enjoy it as much as they do.

“We’re finally making a comeback in a year with our new mini-album. We worked hard on it over the year for our waiting fans. I hope everyone loves it. Each of the songs are our favorites, so we hope you like them too.” — Jisoo


She also gave a sneak peek into why it took so long. They decided to challenge a new genre and a more powerful performance for their new album!

“We think our fans will be able to see more powerful performance from the dance break. There’s a more powerful rap part and we have an amazing choreography to show you. We grew closer as we practiced our choreography and song. I think you’ll be able to see it when we stand on stage.” — Jisoo


Rose agreed, stating how hard they prepared to make sure that they were able to successfully execute their new challenges.

“Personally, the performances and choreography are harder, so I took extra care in maintaining my fitness. I did a lot of cardio exercise and pilates to make sure i can dance well throughout the whole performance.” — Rose


Not only have they matured as artists, they’ve matured together as a group! They’ve overcome the bearing burden of pressure that they felt as rookies and feel better prepared than ever to take over the music scene with their new album!

“About half a year since our debut we felt pressure and burden. We were able to rid ourselves of that feeling while preparing over the year. We agreed to not feel pressured but enjoy challenging new genres. Of course, we’d be grateful if we rose high on the charts but I think we’d be satisfied if we only got acknowledged for successfully challenging a new genre and style.” — Jisoo


BLACKPINK’s “SQUARE UP” drops in just a few hours and the hype is already incredible!

The new album drops tonight at 6pm KST.

Source: Sports Chosun