BLACKPINK Opens Up About The Meaning Of “Kill This Love” In Exclusive Radio Interview

They also spoke about breaking records with their hit single.

BLACKPINK is in L.A. for their first American concert on April 17 as part of their “BLACKPINK In Your Area 2019” World Tour.

BLACKPINK sat down with Jojo Wright, host of JoJo On The Radio, for an exclusive interview  where the members opened up about their experience at Coachella, along with their record-breaking single, “Kill This Love”.

Rosé spoke about performing at Coachella, and the sheer amount of people who were watching them perform.

I couldn’t believe it, I couldn’t see the end of it… don’t tell me all those people were there just to see us

— Rosé

BLACKPINK then opened up on the meaning of their title track, “Kill This Love”.

Wright: Let’s do this track–Kill This Love, tell me something, tell me everything. What do we need to know?

Rose: Kill This Love, I think the title speaks for itself. It’s a very empowering song.

Jennie: It’s about killing toxic love–that hurts us, makes us vulnerable, that makes us weak, and to really find ourselves within [that] love. [Finding] what makes us confident and comfortable when we’re in love.

When asked about the staggering amount of records broken by “Kill This Love”, the girls were humble.

Nobody could expect anything like that… When we put out music, we don’t go, “Okay, this has to be the next big thing, this has to hit numbers, we don’t count them and wait for them to rock up.”

— Rosé

Rosé went on to mention that “Kill This Love” was a group effort, and that the numbers put out by the music they worked on as a group were not only rewarding, but also flattering.

The host, Wright, then asked the girl group about their thoughts on their very first sold-out show in The Forum, L.A.

Rosé: No words, seriously, no words. We’re stoked, we’re excited, and nervous all at the same time.

BLACKPINK is expected to join JoJo Wright for a whole host of activities in the coming weeks. BLINKs, stay tuned.

Source: iHeartradio