Here’s How BLACKPINK Reacted When They Listened To “Pink Venom” For The First Time

It’s the start of their comeback era!

BLACKPINK met up with reporters in a global media press conference prior to the release of their “Pink Venom” music video. Here, they revealed new information regarding their highly anticipated comeback and expressed their amazement at finally reaching D-Day.

Coming here now, the comeback seems real now.

— Lisa


Jisoo further confirmed that “Pink Venom” will incorporate traditional sounds with hip hop ones. Like what their first music video teaser hinted at, the pre-release single will be different from the rest of their songs due to its modern and oriental mix.

The geomungo, for instance, will be one of the Korean instruments prominently featured.

The members found the overall track to be fascinating. Though they loved each song in their upcoming BORN PINK album, they knew that “Pink Venom” was the perfect one to release to the public first.

In fact, they liked it as soon as they heard it being played in the studio. Rosé described it as “new” and unique to them.

They played the song for us first in the studio, it was really new and sounds we never attempted before.

— Rosé


Moreover, “Pink Venom” is accompanied by a memorable choreography that the group is famous for always having. Rosé teased this, saying, “I really wanted to show our performance.”

“Pink Venom” is the first new song from BLACKPINK’s second studio album, BORN PINK, that will be released.

Source: Twitter