BLACKPINK Playing With Pandas Is The Daily Dose Of Cuteness You Need Today

Can you handle the cuteness?

If you’re looking to improve your mood with a dose of cuteness, look no further! BLACKPINK gave fans exactly that with the preview of their final 24/365 with BLACKPINK episode.

In the video lasting less than one minute, the girls were seen jumping up and down in excitement at the chance to visit Panda World.

They became keepers for the day, preparing meals for the mother panda who just gave birth…

…doing a health check on the papa panda…

…and meeting the baby panda in person! They were all brimming with nerves and excitement, falling in love at first glance.

When it was Jennie‘s turn to hold the baby panda, she hugged him with the utmost care.

In BLACKPINK’s eyes, it was a memorable day from start to finish: “I can’t believe we can experience this! I’ve been dreaming of this. I get to be a panda keeper for a day.”

If you want to see their cuteness in full effect, check out the video below.