BLACKPINK Gain Praise After Incorporating Korean Culture Into Their Historic “Coachella 2023” Performance

Netizens hit back at one music critic who seemingly didn’t feel the same way!

On April 15, BLACKPINK made history as they became the first K-Pop group to headline Coachella.

The members of BLACKPINK | @sbskpop/Twitter

From the minute they came on stage, the members stole the hearts of fans and took over the internet, and made so many netizens proud.

Aside from the amazing performance, BLACKPINK gained attention after netizens couldn’t stop praising the members for incorporating Korean culture into their stages.

One of the biggest parts of the set was actually influenced by Korean culture, as netizens noticed that they used a dancheong for the stage.

The stage at “Coachella” | Coachella/YouTube

Dancheong is traditional Korean decorative coloring on wooden buildings and artifacts for the purpose of style. From the shape and details, the BLACKPINK stage seemed to perfectly replicate the design, which is something that would be seen in important places like palaces or temples.

Media outlets also pointed out that it resembled hadok architecture.

Upon entering the stage, netizens noticed that, like How You Like That, the members were wearing hanbok-inspired looks.

| Coachella/YouTube

Jennie‘s own stage for her solo track “You & I” also seemed to replicate the Korean flag with the pattern and colors.

The stage looked like the Korean flag when Jennie was performing | Coachella/YouTube

Of course, from the minute Jisoo announced her solo with “FLOWER,” it gained attention for the Korean influences, and it was seen during the stafe with the traditional patterns behind her.

| Coachella/YouTube 

Jennie’s outfit also gained attention after her black jacket. Many believed that the patterns resembled the mother-of-pearl used in traditional Korean crafts.

During “Typa Girl,” when the backing dancers were using a fan, they were actually doing buchaechum, which is a traditional fan dance from Korea.

| Coachella/YouTube 

Aside from the visuals, netizens also noticed that when the members did their group greeting and ending, not only did they do it in Korean, but they also bowed, despite being in front of a crowd that probably mainly spoke English.

BLACKPINK doing their greeting | Coachella/YouTube
BLACKPINK ending their set | Coachella/YouTube   

In particular, many netizens referred to a negative tweet from a music critic who seemingly didn’t feel the same.

On Twitter, the critic was accused of unfairly criticizing the group’s performance. He even compared it to Bad Bunny‘s Coachella performance, who he believed included aspects of Latin American culture. He added that the performance was just a huge show, even adding that it was a missed opportunity for K-Pop to be taken seriously.

When the tweet was sent, thousands of BLINKs shared their anger at how the music critic was seemingly disregarding BLACKPINK’s pride in being a K-Pop act.

With netizens and Korean media praising the members for incorporating Korean culture into their performance, it showcases the members’ pride in K-Pop and how they gained fame.

Source: Naver