BLACKPINK Proves Their Popularity By Breaking Spotify Records

They’re officially one of the top girl groups in the world.

BLACKPINK is undoubtedly one of the top K-Pop girl groups, and their Spotify records help prove this.

Spotify is known as one of the top audio streaming platform in the world. BLACKPINK has recently reached an impressive 9.5 million followers on the site, putting them on the top tier of artists.

This is only 50,000 followers less than the current most followed girl group, Fifth Harmony.

BLACKPINK has also accumulated a staggering 1.91 billion streams on Spotify, beating out other Korean and international girl groups such as Destiny’s Child (1.5 billion), TWICE (1 billion), The Pussycat Dolls (895 million), TLC (852 million), Spice Girls (772 million), and Red Velvet (753 million).

They only follow behind Fifth Harmony (3.4 billion) and Little Mix (4 billion).

Congratulations, BLACKPINK!

Source: BLACKPINK on Spotify