The Next Phase Of BLACKPINK’s Collab With PUBG Mobile Is Here In Its Full “THE ALBUM” Glory

PUBG Mobile is celebrating the release of “THE ALBUM”

To celebrate the release of BLACKPINK‘s amazing new album, PUBG Mobile has launched the next phase of their collab with the powerhouse group in full THE ALBUM glory!

| @pubgmobile/Instagram

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (otherwise known as PUBG) is an action-packed multiplayer game that’s available for play on desktop and mobile. After teasing a collab with the group, towards the end of September their collaboration went live with players getting the chance to enjoy BLACKPINK visual themes and listen to “How You Like That” in the in-game lobby.


With the release of their long-awaited first full-length album THE ALBUM on October 2, however, BLACKPINK celebrated with PUBG Mobile to take things to the next level in the game with lots of THE ALBUM content.

Starting with the in-game lobby music, BLACKPINK’s new hit title track “Lovesick Girls” has become the song that every player will hear when passing through the area. The song will be the lobby’s music through November 2.

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In addition to the new lobby music, things are looking a little different too! From October 2 through October 8, players will be able to see special collab billboards in-game (and even in real life).

On top of that, through November 2, airdrop planes look a little different thanks to a pink paint job complete with BLACKPINK’s logo. Airdrop has also gone full BLACKPINK with the classic color combo, iconic THE ALBUM tiara, and pink smoke!

| @pubgmobile/Instagram

Previously, PUBG Mobile launched other collab content like the themed lobby, loading pages, and lobby music and began the special support event where fans can visit the members’ personal spaces, send them gifts as support, and acquire various special items such as box vouchers, outfits, and even albums.

Many of the events for the collab will be continuing on through November 2 so fans and players can continue to celebrate BLACKPINK’s new album with lots of in-game fun.