BLACKPINK’s Reaction To Hearing “Sour Candy” For The First Time Was Revealed, And They Were Basically All Of Us

Hard relate.

One of BLACKPINK‘s most high-profile collaborations ever was undoubtedly their song with Lady Gaga entitled “Sour Candy”. The electropop track was released on May 28 to the praise of adoring fans.

| Lady Gaga

On October 14, Netflix released a teaser for BLACKPINK’s first ever documentary Light Up The Sky which showed the first time the girls ever listened to the finished version of “Sour Candy”.

Starting their listening spree from the pre-chorus, BLACKPINK was immediately seen with huge smiles on their faces. According to Jennie, “We worked hard before New Year’s for this.”

They were definitely satisfied with the song! All of the members couldn’t help but sing and dance along to the addictive track.

Even their main producer, Teddy, was seen jamming to the beat.

Like the dancers they are, Rosé and Lisa made a fun impromptu point choreography for the “Take a bite” lyrics.

Jisoo aptly summarized their feelings towards the track by saying, “It’s addictive.”

BLACKPINK’s Light Up The Sky will premier on October 14 at 4PM KST. You can listen to “Sour Candy” in the official audio below.