BLACKPINK Received Major Love From Mark Ronson Two Times In A Single Week And Everyone Is Freaking Out

He praised them twice in a single week’s time!

DJ, musician, producer, and songwriter, Mark Ronson has been sending BLACKPINK some major love recently and now everyone is seriously ready for a collaboration to happen!


On July 27, during an interview with Elle Korea, Mark revealed that he’s been watching the flow of K-Pop and was particularly impressed by BLACKPINK and their Coachella performance.

Of course, I watch the flow of K-Pop. In particular, the stage that BLACKPINK showed during the Coachella Festival was memorable for everyone.

— Mark Ronson


That, however, was just the first time he sent them some love. On August 3, Mark had another interview with SBS News. During the interview he was once again asked about K-Pop and whether there was an artist that he would like to work with.

Is there a Korean artist you want to work with maybe? You’ve heard of K-Pop, right?

— SBS News Anchor


When he heard the question, Mark immediately started talking about BLACKPINK and how their Coachella performance left a deep impression on him.

Oh, of course! The BLACKPINK concert was incredible at Coachella. It blew my mind. I watched that whole set at Coachella and it was insane.

— Mark Ronson


Mark Ronson has won seven Grammy Awards, an Academy Award, and a Golden Globe Award and has worked with many amazing artists like Bruno Mars, Adele, and Amy Winehouse so hearing him praise BLACKPINK twice in a single week’s time has made everyone ecstatic!


Fans have also been hoping that in the future we’ll all get to have what would surely be a fantastic collaboration between Mark and BLACKPINK.


Source: ELLE Korea