BLACKPINK Reveal Why They Named Their First Full Album “The Album”

It’s their first full album, so they thought about it carefully!

BLACKPINK opened up about their first full album, The Album!

| YG Entertainment

BLACKPINK recently appeared on Good Morning America, where they sat down for an interview! Among the questions that were asked, the group was asked as to why their very first full album was simply called The Album.

Why did you decide to name the album, The Album?

Rosé opened up about their thoughts regarding the naming process, saying that even though they thought of many different names, they felt naming their first album “The Album” was a significant way to show gratitude to their fans for supporting their first full album!

| YG Entertainment

We came up with many different names and at the end of the day, we thought that our fans have been waiting for BLACKPINK’s album for such a long time, that there was nothing better to name our album, BLACKPINK: The Album.

We thought it was just perfect.


BLACKPINK also gave a stellar performance of their latest title track, “Lovesick Girls” on the show!

You can watch the interview segment here!