BLACKPINK Reveal The Touching Advice They Wish They Could Tell Their Younger Selves

BLACKPINK’s trainee days weren’t easy, but they made it through.

BLACKPINK‘s new Netflix documentary, BLACKPINK: Light Up the Sky, is finally here—and it’s giving fans a deep insight into the members’ pasts. In a new interview, Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa revealed the touching advice they’d share with their younger selves following their dreams in the K-Pop industry.

The one thing Jisoo would tell her younger self is “don’t be afraid [and] believe in yourself“.

Young Jisoo | Netflix

In Light up the Sky, Jisoo shared that she considered giving up her dream of becoming a star when training became very difficult. Her fear of what would come next could’ve easily stopped her from making it into BLACKPINK—but she was strong enough to overcome it.

Debut Jisoo | YG Entertainment

Jisoo went on to say that when you’re fearful, you tend to pass up unmissable opportunities. Instead of living in worry, she says someone following their dreams needs to trust in themselves and “stick with it“.

2020 Jisoo | YG Entertainment

While Jisoo’s advice relates to hardships of pursuing a dream, Jennie was more focused on the highlights. When asked what she wants to tell her younger self, she said it’s important to make that grind “a very special moment“.

Young Jennie | Netflix

According to Jennie, “every moment counts“—even the difficult ones. Jennie trained the longest out of all the BLACKPINK members, joining YG Entertainment almost six years before debuting. During that time, she faced numerous hardships—from harsh evaluations to friends leaving the company.

Debut Jennie | YG Entertainment

Despite that, Jennie said it’s important to “enjoy” the moment and “do something that you’ll be happy with” when you look back on your memories. The BLACKPINK star wants to tell her younger self not to feel like things are going too fast or too slow, because “there’s a timing for each and every person“.

2020 Jennie | YG Entertainment

Rosé shared a similar sentiment to Jennie. In the documentary, Rosé surprisingly revealed that she misses her difficult trainee days. Now, she says her advice to her younger self would be to see that period of time as an “investment“.

Young Rosé | Netflix

While it may have seemed tough at the time, Rosé explained that every minute she spent “dreaming” as well as “watching, exploring, [and] studying” were all part of an important journey towards the future.

Debut Rosé | YG Entertainment

Rosé went on to say that wishes she’d spent less energy feeling pressured about how time passed, living in the moment instead.

2020 Rosé | YG Entertainment

Last but not least, Lisa’s unique advice to her younger self—or anyone following their dreams—would be to find that true passion and stick to it.

Young Lisa | Netflix

In BLACKPINK: Light Up The Sky, Jennie confessed that as soon as Lisa joined the company, she though “wow, there are people born to do this“. Thankfully for Lisa, she truly knew her path, which gave her the drive to work for it.

Debut Lisa | YG Entertainment

Lisa also reminded dream-chasers like her younger self of an important piece of advice: “if not now, then when?“. Had she put her dreams on hold to explore more options or live a normal childhood, she never would have achieved the stardom she holds today.

2020 Lisa | YG Entertainment
Source: Teen Vogue