BLACKPINK Reveals The Amusingly Shameless Way Jennie Haggles For Discounts

“Surprisingly, I can’t do that.”

BLACKPINK revealed exactly how they see each other in the Who, Me? segment of YouTube channel The Swoon. The girls were asked a series of questions where they each picked the member who best matched what was being asked.

One of the questions that got them smiling was, “Who would be the best at bargaining when shopping overseas?”

After a few seconds, Jisoo was firmly chosen by both Lisa and Rosé.

As fans know all too well, Jisoo displayed her haggling skills best in Thailand. BLACKPINK Diaries filmed her using her tagline, “Mai Mee Tang Ka” or “I have no money” in a bazaar.

Jennie, however, also had a good reason for picking herself as the best in bargaining for discounts. She revealed that she’s not above acting for a little bit of sympathy.

She apparently becomes an aegyo master when she wants a discount!

If the seller is firm in keeping their original price, she’ll try to find other ways to make her purchase as worthwhile as possible.

When she goes shopping, she goes, ‘Can I take this for free then?’ if she can’t get a discount.

— Jisoo

Jisoo, BLACKPINK’s top haggler, acknowledged Jennie’s shamelessness: “Surprisingly, I can’t do that.”

If you want to see more amusing revelations, check out the full video below.


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