BLACKPINK Reveals What Changed The Most Since Their Debut

BLACKPINK opened up to reveal how much they’ve changed together.

During an interview for their recent photoshoot, the BLACKPINK members opened up to reveal how much they’ve changed since debut and how they’ve grown together over the years.


Jisoo began by stating that before their debut, they only wanted to stand on stage in front of fans.

“Before we debuted, we only wanted to stand on stage and have fans. We often thought, ‘Would people like us?’” — Jisoo


But now, they feel a sense of responsibility in making sure that they present their very best to the fans who continuously love and support them.

“We now have a sense of responsibility to meet the expectations of our fans. We focus on a lot different parts to make sure we can satisfy as many fans as we can. It’s because even if we prepare everything perfectly, it’s never certain that everything will run 100%.” — Jisoo

Jennie added that they’ve become stronger as a team. They’re now so in sync as a group, always focusing on how to make the team better.

“We spent time apart for a bit, but it felt like a switch just turned on as soon as we got back together in one room to prepare for our promotions. It realized how strong we are together because even though we spent time apart, we all had the same mind. I felt more responsibility after knowing that each of the members are doing their best in their respective roles.” — Jennie

Lisa had her own personal change, where she is now addicted to Korean food! Even while promoting in Japan, she craved Korean ramen and kimchi.

“[While we were promoting in Japan], I wanted to eat Korean ramen. I love Japanese food like sushi, tempura, and rice bowls, but I often craved Korean ramen and kimchi.” — Lisa

Rose concluded by reiterating how close they’ve gotten over the years and how they each influence each other to become a better person!

“My members are a very important part of my life. They’re sometimes my friend, my family, and people we can learn from to improve ourselves. Whenever I’m having a hard time I go talk with Jisoo. Whenever I need someone to emphasize, I talk with Lisa who is the same age as me. When I need advice, I talk to Jennie. We influence each other so positively in various ways.” — Rose