BLACKPINK’s Rosé Names The Top 3 Things That Made Her Who She Is Today

These moments changed her life.

In the last four years, BLACKPINK‘s Rosé has grown from a budding rookie to a star in full bloom. With that journey comes many precious memories that she can look back fondly on for years to come.

In a new interview with magazine, Rosé took a trip down memory lane and relived the moments that made her who she is today.

“It was when I got admitted in the country as a trainee,” she said. “I flew all the way to Korea with my mom and dad, and met my members for the first time. It was the most memorable moment.”

Next on the list is BLACKPINK’s debut day.

Also, our debut day. The day we debuted, I got reminded of all the memories from my trainee days.

— Rosé

The third unforgettable moment that makes Rosé the Rosé we know now is BLACKPINK’s 2019 Coachella performance.

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“We already say this a lot, but the time when we performed at Coachella was also really memorable,” Rosé said.

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